Computer Science & Engineering at IIT Delhi

The computer science degree is a general program that focuses on algorithms, computing problems and solutions, and the design of computer systems and user interfaces from a scientific/mathematical perspective. Includes instruction in the principles of computational science, and computing theory; computer hardware design.

Don’t worry if you could not understand the technical terms above, you will learn them in due course of time. You are not taught programming explicitly but are rather taught the concepts behind writing programs in form of how to efficiently store the data with the help of Data structures and how to efficiently operate on them. These two concepts form the core of whatever you learn about programming during your stay. For example, you will be taught the theory behind a program, how to approach the problem, how to formulate the solution, essentially what all steps to do in the form of an algorithm. However, you will not be taught a definite “code” for the same since it can change from language to language. You will end up doing as much mathematical stuff as the conceptual theory stuff with courses like Discrete mathematics, Probability and lots of Induction based proofs but be rest assured, although a bit abstract, the computer science courses are some of the most logical ones you are going to find.

So, if you like mathematical stuff and are interested in conceptual theory and deductive and inductive reasoning, the computer science is the course for you. It might be noted that many of the courses computer people do are from electrical and mathematics department. Therefore, your interests in these fields may also be developed further on the way.

However, as for what it is not. The programming IS NOT TAUGHT TO YOU IN THE CLASSES and only the basic concepts are taught. You learn to code while doing your assignments all by yourselves. Given that, I feel that this is in fact one of the strong points of the computer science department. You can adapt to any language you want. Another thing is that you WILL NOT LEARN ANYTHING RELATED TO INTERNAL STRUCTURE OF COMPUTER OR APPLIED PROGRAMMING FIELDS LIKE WEB DESIGNING. Only the underlying logical representations are considered, and you learn the core topics of Networks, Operating systems and Probability. As far as the jobs are concerned, computer science people find use of their skills in fields as diverse as programming to algorithmic trading to research to banking and finance. So, you can end up in companies like Google, Towers, Microsoft, IBM, Sony, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, Bell Labs among many others.


Srijan Sanket

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